New Year, New Mel!

So I know this post is a little late. But it’s taken me some time to get into my groove beginning this new year. I’ve really been taking time to reflect on EVERYTHING… Myself, my faith, my family, my business, ect.

Every year I (I think we all) make New Year’s Resolutions. But it’s usually just kind of a “wish list” of things that I would like to change, but never really put in the true effort.

Well, this year is different! After all of my reflection, thing needed to CHANGE! The past few weeks we have made some big decisions on the resolutions and changes that we would be making and actually applying them and making new habits out of them.


We have always been Christians. But we really wanted to make it more than just a title. We want to make it a complete way of life and a part of everything that we do (as it should be).

We have been doing more devotionals with our children and Bible studies people from our church. David is even going to be teaching a few lessons at church. We have also been getting more involved in our church again.

We have noticed a HUGE difference in the whole vibe of our family since we have been making these changes. Just by being more present in our faith, there is such a sense of calmness and peace (even in our kids.) We have also decided to start giving more financially to church and charities.

Kylie praying in church


If you’ve been following me for a while, I’m sure you know I could probably be labeled a shopaholic lol. But this was another aspect of our lives that needed to be reevaluated.

We have so much STUFF! Don’t get me wrong, I will always love fashion and beauty. But I have decided to really challenge myself to be more frugal and actually have a budget. I know, it’s crazy… I have never made a budget before! I just paid bills, put a little in savings and spent money. Not very organized at all!

Dave Ramsey

We have been watching the Dave Ramsey series Financial Peace and it is SO GOOD! I highly recommend it. It lays everything out so simple and straight forward. I also LOVE watching Jordan Page from the blog Fun Cheap of Free. She is such an inspiration to me and so relatable. She also has a Youtube channel and I love her energy!

Jordan Page from Fun Cheap or Free

One of our goals it to be debt free (including our mortgage) within a few years. We have realized that to accomplish this, we need to make real, intentional efforts and be organized with our budget.

I will go into more detail on our budget and tips in another post.


As I said previously, we have been doing devotionals with our kids and praying with them daily. We have also been making sure to set aside time for them. The past year has been so crazy and we felt like we were all just in a mad scramble between my husbands businesses, my businesses, house flipping, home schooling, traveling and everything else. We needed to slow down and be more present with each other.


To go along with my financial plan and saving money, I have decided to being it into my social media business. I love watching budget tips and how to be a “baddie on a budget” lol. So I thought why not share some of these things with you?

I have been living this new “frugal life” the past few weeks, and have come up with some pretty awesome ways to save money (and not starve lol).

I’m actually SUPER EXCITED about this change in my business. I have been so passionate about finding new ways to DIY things and save money. It has been such a fun challenge and I can’t wait to share it with you!


Ok, this is the one I’m still working on lol. But it’s on the list, so I had to mention it. I really want to, not just lose weight, but just be healthy and FEEL GOOD!

I’ve started wearing my waist trainer from Tatiana Buree with (use code “XOMEL” for 10% off) again and I’m so determined to get it to the smallest setting! I know I’m going to get some messages that waist trainers are bad. But I’ve done a lot of research and there are many different types of waist trainers. This one is very flexible and actually helps with my back issues and almost acts as a back brace (but that’s a whole other blog post in itself).

Tatiana Buree from Luxx Health

I literally have not purchased fast food once in 2019! That includes Starbucks! This not only helps with my health goals, but also helps my wallet. I have been making my own lattes at home with my Nespresso (which I love more than Starbucks). It has been THE BEST investment! I’ve been making home cooked meals every night, packing a lunch, making green smoothies in the morning for breakfast… basically I feel like super mom lol jk. But for real, I’m the person who everyone made fun of for never cooking… so I’m pretty proud of myself. I am even making home made bread and it is BOMB!

Let me know what your new goals and resolutions are. If you have some that are similar to mine, we can work on them together.