Holiday Gift Guide: Episode 1

Do you every get to the holidays and realize the whole thing has passed you by like a whirlwind and you aren’t prepared at all? I think we have all been there. Well this year, I’m determined to not let that happen. We are going to start planning NOW! Because believe it or not, Christmas is only 48 short days away! I feel that starting early really makes the holidays so much more enjoyable. It also lets me really take time to think about each person on my list and get something meaningful instead of just grabbing some random thing just to get a gift. And lastly, it helps to get the best item and best deal on the items that I buy.

The first idea I have for you for the Holiday Gift Guide is Wall Pics. I recently teamed up with Wall Pics and they did a giveaway for one of my followers (make sure you’re following and subscribed to my instagram, youtube and blog to be entered in future giveaways). They also sent me my own set of Wall Pics and I was instantly a huge fan! They were unbelievably easy to install. I usually have to wait for my husband, David, to help me hang art and decorations. But these I was able to do on my own… EASILY! All I needed was a tape measure and a level to make sure they were evenly spaced and level on the wall. (I spaced mine 2″ apart)

To order, you simply go to the Wall Pics website and upload the photos that you want. Then you put in the code “MelissaChen15” for 15% OFF! These came super quick. Once I told them what photos I wanted, they arrived to my house within a week. They come on lightweight tiles with adhesive tabs on the back that can be removed easily and reused again. Another idea is to get a Wall Pics giftcard if you don’t feel comfortable picking pictures for someone else.

I think these would be the perfect gift for just about anyone on your list. They would be such a great gift for new parents with pictures of their baby and family. Or for newlyweds with pics of their big day and/or engagement photos. Or just ANYONE! I know I’m at a point in my life where I prefer for gifts to be more sentimental. I usually buy everything I want for myself and sometimes get overwhelmed by all of the “stuff” accumulating. So this is great for someone that already has a lot of stuff and you have no idea what to get. I know I have quite a few of those on my list.

Don’t forget to use code “MelissaChen15” for 15% off!

I will be posting more Holiday Gift Ideas and Giveaways throughout the months of November and December. So stay tuned!.

You can also watch the video of me installing the Wall Pics to see how easy it was!

Some products have been sent to me for me to try and give my honest thoughts and opinions. Some links above are affiliate links that help me grow my channel.

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