How to Prepare for Fashion Week

As most of you know, I attended New York Fashion Week this September. It was my first time and I was feeling so much anxiety and was so intimidated by the whole thing. But somehow, it was not a complete disaster. In fact, it was one of the most amazing weeks of my entire life!

First, I want to thank Join Reel for sponsoring this post. I had the opportunity to meet with their CEO, Daniella, while I was in New York and we got coffee together. She was so sweet and such an amazing entrepreneur. I had so much fun talking to her and learning about her story. She is from Ecuador and came here when she was in college. No one ever talked to her about using credit cards and she didn’t know how to manage them. She realized how many people are financing everything and getting themselves into bad situations and financial anxiety, so she started Reel. I had a similar situation when I was young with credit cards and it really hurt my credit and took quite some time to recover from. So her story and company really interested me and resonated with me.
Daniella and I getting goofing around trying to do an insta story

Join Reel lets you go on their site and pick out the items you want to save for. Once you have picked the item, you decided how much you want to save each day, and that determines how long you save for. If it is a $100 item and you save $1 a day, it will be yours in 100 days. If you save $20 a day, it will be yours in 5 days. This also allow you to really think before splurging. I have changed my mind a few times and was so glad that I had the time to think about it while I was saving. They allow you to get a refund or transfer the credit to another item. You can sign up and get a $15 credit by clicking HERE!
Here is the Gucci Belt that I saved for with Reel. I love it so much! It Goes with everything!

I have been using Reel for the past few months and it really helped me decide on things in advance and plan out the key pieces that I knew I needed to take with me to fashion week. It is really important to be very methodical about item that you are bringing. Because even when being methodical, you are going to being A LOT! You are going to be wearing 2-3 outifits every day! So you want to thing about what you are going to be doing each day and plan an outfit for every occasion. Also pick out accessories for every outfit. I chose earrings, necklaces, shoes, purses, belts and sunglasses for each outfit.

Speaking of outfits, if you are a blogger or influencer and want to partner with brands to style you for fashion week, you need to start pitching them ASAP. Think about which clothing brands are your style and align with your brand and reach out to them. I was fortunate enough to partner with one of my favorite boutiques, The Pinkwell, and they styled me with more clothes than I needed for fashion week!

A few months before fashion week you want to start figuring out your transportation and stay. Thing book up so fast during this week, so I want to lock that down. If you are a blogger or influencer and looking to get comped travel and hotel, you need to start sending emails with your pitch a few months in advance. It is a numbers game… So don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a reply or they aren’t interested. Send out as many emails as you can! We had the opportunity to fry with Jetsmarter. They are a private jet company and the experience was phenomenal!

If you are planning to attend shows (that’s kind of the point, so I’m sure you are), start looking at the fashion week schedule as soon as it comes out (2-3 months before fashion week) and see which shows you might be interested in attending. Start sending emails to those brands and PR companies to let them know you are interested. Again, this is a numbers game. So the more emails you send out, the more chance of going to shows. Remember not to over book yourself. Shows never start on time and getting to different places in New York can take FOREVER! There were times that it would have been 10 times faster to just walk (but my feet hurt, so I didn’t lol).

Once you have your transportation, stay, meetings and shows lined up, make sure to put everything in your calendar. It can get really crazy during fashion week and you want to make sure everything is well coordinated. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off and there were actually a couple appointments and shows that I missed because I didn’t have reminders set and was so distracted by the city excitement SQUIRREL! (If you have seen the movie Up and know how ADD I am then you get it).

It is also nice to set up a photo shoot. I used a local photographer, Jessie Alcheh, that my blogger friend referred me to and she was great! She really knew her way around and was familiar with shooting in the city (which is WAY different than any other photo shoot I have done). You can get some really great photos that you won’t get anywhere else. And you definitely want to have those photos to remember your trip and you outfits!

I hope that anyone who is planning to go to fashion week finds this helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions or there is something that I forgot to mention. Also, if you have been to fashion week and have any other tips, please share! This was my first time and it was quite the whirlwind. But I did so much and met so many amazing people. I am already checking dates and counting down to Fashion Week in February!

P.S. I am also going to be posting about what I packed for fashion week

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